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Preston "DJ SMOOTH" Lux

About Me

I'm the host of Real Talk and The Lovers Lounge, your number one sensation of smooth grooves and righteous conversations. I'm also the owner and founder of Royalfusion media group, where we help you with creating your media ready projects 

Aubrey Collier

About me

I’m the Host of “ The Doers Zone with Aubrey Collier” the show design with you in mind, where we “Think big and jump in it” here to unlock our potential energy, give time to our minds and let our abilities shine. 

Natalie Love

About me

I’m the Host of  “The Vibes with Natalie Love” where we bring our intrinsic value to the surface, bring the sublime to our minds and give our lives the best use of time helping us be what we say and say what we be. I’m also the Host of “Entrepreneurial Minds" where we bring you business unusual, unique guess that may have a lemonade stand with many flavors “allegorically speaking that is or not, all you thought of business may not be as it seems so let's explore together.